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Why Bail Can Be Denied

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Bail is the best way to stay out of jail while an individual awaits their court date. While the amount set will depend on the judge, Hidalgo County bail bonds tend to be more than the average person can pay.

The Hidalgo County bail bondsman at A-Quick Bail Bonds can help you pay your bail and get you back to your family quickly.

It’s worth noting, however, that bail isn’t always guaranteed. Some judges may refuse to grant bail depending on the specifics of the situation. Let our Hidalgo County bail bonds service provider at A-Quick Bail Bonds help you understand why bail can be denied.

Reasons for Denial of Bail

1. This Isn’t the First Offense

A criminal history can mean the judge is less likely to grant bail. While this depends on the exact crimes, multiple offenses are not seen in a positive light.

If the applicant has committed the same crime before or has a history of committing crimes while on bail, the judge likely won’t grant bail. The court does look into the background and reputation of the applicant before making their decision.

2. It Was a Violent Crime

A judge is less likely to grant bail if they feel the applicant is a threat to their community. Violent crimes like assault, rape, or murder have bail set less often, if ever, and will tend to be at a much, much higher rate.

If the crime was planned or particularly violent, it is almost guaranteed that the case won’t get bail.

3. There’s a Flight Risk

If a judge believes that the offender will flee or hide to avoid going to court, they won’t grant bail. Applicants who can afford to flee or have connections that can aid in hiding them are less likely to get bail.

When a judge sets bail, they are basically saying they trust you’ll come to court and that your Hidalgo County bail bondsman will make sure you stick around.

4. A Missed Court Date

Missing a court date shows to the judge that the offender has no interest in following the rules of the law or facing the consequences of their actions.

Holding them in jail ensures that their court dates will be attended. Additionally, a judge may make the bail amount much higher than the average emergency bail bond in Texas, making it extremely difficult to post it.

5. The Applicant is Dangerous

Another thing that will result in bail being denied is if the applicant is a danger to themselves or others. An applicant who is suffering from serious mental issues is more likely to be denied bail. The judge may also request that the person receive treatment in the meantime.

6. The Applicant Is Rude or Combative

Even if the judge doesn’t deem the applicant likely to re-offend, harm others, or flee, they may still deny bail.

Offenders refusing to cooperate, being rude to the judge, or being combative can result in bail being denied. Judges will take the attitude of the applicant into account. If the individual seems dismissive, they may be more likely to skip court dates.

Contempt of court is nearly guaranteed to result in a bail denial.

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