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The Most Important Steps To Follow After You Post Bail

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

When it comes to the bail process, the questions seem to continue even after you are released. Though you no longer have to worry about getting out of jail, the question remains, “What comes next?”

It’s critical for your future that you understand how to conduct yourself after you’ve posted bail.

A-Quick Bail Bonds near the Hidalgo County Jail is here to help the communities of South Texas recognize the proper procedures and steps to follow once a defendant has been released. What occurs between release and court date could determine the final results of your legal situation.

Read on for the most important steps to follow after you post bail, and keep A-Quick Bail Bonds in mind in case you wonder, “Where can I get bail bonds near me?”

Keep a Low Profile Upon Release

After you post bail and are released, the importance of staying out of more trouble cannot be stressed enough. Mistakes can easily harm your case, and your behavior during the bail period WILL affect the trial.

Some actions you should take before you go to trial are:

  • Be Wary of Social Media – Over the past decade, the internet and social media have become cornerstones of our public and private lives. An unfortunate consequence of this is that many people share all aspects of their lives – which include the bad. If you’ve been charged with drug possession, the last thing you’d want is a court to see a photo of you with a questionable substance for example.

  • Be Careful About Who You Hang Out With – Your image and credibility are on the line when out on bail, so, similar to the previous point, you need to be socially aware of who you spend time with. It’s in your best interest not to be seen with known criminals or other irresponsible persons.

  • Stay Out of Prison – The absolute worst thing you could do after you post bail is wind up right back in jail for another crime. In most cases, the court revokes your bond and will add a slew of additional charges. You may have to serve more jail time on top of building your case from prison.

Keep in mind that if a McAllen bail bondsman helps post your bail, it’s even worse if you wind up back in prison. You will owe them for the total cost of the first bail as well as more court costs.

Maintain Contact With the Right People

Bail bonds are an agreement between the court and defendant, and a symbol of trust and personal responsibility. The bond guarantees that the defendant will appear at their trial and allows them the freedom to stay out of jail prior to it.

It’s absolutely vital that you stay in contact with certain parties after you’re released to stay knowledgeable about your situation. You want to make sure you’re available whenever your attorney needs to discuss updates with you. Of course, you will also need to keep in touch with the local court system.

You will also have to keep up with your bondsman, otherwise, it could lead to further problems for you and your loved ones. When you enter into an agreement with a bondsman, they cover the full cost of your emergency bail bonds. If you disappear on them, the agent will pursue legal action against you.

Build Your Case

Once you are released from jail, it’s recommended that you stay out of trouble and work with your attorney to build your case. Attorneys can meet with clients in jail, but it’s an easier process working with your lawyer if you are free on bail.

Remember, when you work with a lawyer, you need to be as honest as possible with them. If you withhold any information (even unintentionally), your attorney can’t defend you to the best of their ability.

A-Quick Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail offers clients the opportunity to both get their affairs in order and coordinate with their attorneys. Be sure you take advantage of the time you are out on bail to get the best outcome possible.

Get Emergency Bail Bonds Near Me

Even though you are no longer in a jail cell, it’s understandable to still have questions after bail has been posted. McAllen’s best bail bondsman, A-Quick Bail Bonds, is committed to serving the citizens of South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley!

A-Quick Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail has the information and assistance you need if you search for “bail bonds near me!”



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