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Steps to Take If You Think a Loved One Has Been Arrested

Many people have a general understanding of bail bonds and their role in the United States legal system.

However, there’s a good chance that a lot of these people also accept verifiably false bail bond myths as facts, which can be disastrous for someone in need of emergency bail bonds.

Hidalgo County bail bond service provider, A-Quick Bail Bonds, is here to expose the misconceptions behind the most common myths that surround bail bonds and bail bond agents. With a process as stressful as this one, we guarantee that becoming more aware of your situation is a great way to reduce the intimidation factor.

Don’t let common misconceptions make your bad situation even worse!

What Exactly Are “Bail” and “Bond?”

Before we explain why these bail bond myths don’t hold up, you must understand what bail and bond are.

“Bail” refers to how much money someone accused of a crime can pay to be let go before their court date. While it’s ultimately up to a judge to decide your bail, most courts have a “bail schedule” that lists a recommended bail amount for each crime.

“Bond” is the agreement itself made between the court and the defendant once the bail has been posted. The bond serves as a promise that you will behave while out on bail, not cause further problems for the community, or skip out on your upcoming trial.

When a person cannot afford their bail, a bail bondsman may pay the full amount for a smaller, non-refundable premium if the defendant utilizes their help.

The Truth Behind Bail Bond Myths

Now that everyone is on the same page on bail bonds, let’s discuss the common bail bond myths and why they aren’t true.

Some of the more common bail bonds misconceptions are:

  • The entire amount has to be paid up-front, in cash – Contrary to popular belief, defendants do NOT have to pay the entire bail up front and may use other means besides cash. Bail bond agencies give you the option to pay them a non-refundable fraction of the total bail. Collateral, such as property, can also be used to make bail. While it heavily depends on your circumstances, some people are released on a “Personal Recognizance Bond” and don’t have to pay any money!

  • Everybody qualifies for bail automatically – Like many other of the legal details, whether or not you qualify for bail is at the judge’s discretion. The laws of Texas say that anyone not charged with a capital crime may be granted bail. Therefore, dangerous, repeat offenders or someone accused of a capital crime, such as murder, may not be allowed bail at all in the interest of public safety.

  • You may do as you wish while on bail – Being let go from prison does NOT give you free rein to behave however you please. Obviously, you should not seek to commit any crimes, but your bail may have been granted with special conditions. Be certain that you’re aware of the details of your bond and act in accordance with the court’s decision.

Bail Bond Agencies Must Fight Rumors, Too!

Did you know that the myths don’t stop at bail bonds but involve actual bail bondsmen as well? Also, like bail bonds, these beliefs are untrue.

When you work with a bondsman, stay focused on the facts and know that the following aren’t based on reality:

  • Bail bond companies set their own prices – Because of how stressful and frightening an arrest can be, many often fear that someone in the court system will take advantage of them financially. However, this isn’t the case; reputable firms such as A-Quick strictly adhere to the amounts and fees deemed acceptable by Texas state law.

  • Bail bondsmen free criminals – Though some people believe that bond companies are responsible for the freedom of “dangerous criminals,” this isn’t the case. Texas courts have very strict policies when they determine if someone should be granted bail. Someone that is given the option to post bail means that they have been deemed safe by the courts.

  • Bail bond agencies aren’t credible – Like other companies, all bail bond agencies must follow the law if they want to stay in business. Bond agencies want to make sure that their clients have the option to post bail as it is a constitutional right in America.

McAllen Bail Bond Service, A-Quick Bail Bonds, Has the Facts

Even though there are many myths involving emergency bail bonds and bail bondsmen, that’s no reason to avoid them if things go wrong. Get the facts with A-Quick Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail. We are McAllen’s best bail bond service provider and are able to get you the information and help that you need!

When you deal with emergency bail bonds, it can be hard to know what’s the truth and what’s a misconception. A-Quick Bail Bonds near Hidalgo County Jail has the information and facts you need to make the right decision for you or your loved one, so call now!



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