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“Do I Have to Pay Bail?” McAllen Bail Bonds Agencies, Options, and You

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Depending on the circumstances of the charges, you may have the opportunity to post your or a loved one’s bail in the event of legal trouble. Emergency bail bonds are an amount of money a defendant pays to stay out of jail before their court date.

What if you cannot or don’t want to pay this fine, though?

The highly-knowledgeable Hidalgo County Bail Bondsmen at A-Quick Bail Bonds want you to better understand what your options are in situations like these. Unexpected costs can be awful, so it’s important to be aware of what you can do and who can help.

What If I Can’t or Don’t Want to Pay?

Personal finances play a major role in our lives, and we have to consider the impacts of certain purchases or payments – bail is no different. If you’re unable to pay the amount set by the court, you will remain in jail until your trial date.

For most people, the fee set by the court is too much for one single person to cover by themselves. This is when you may want to work with a Hidalgo County Bail Bondsman.

If you decide to hire a bondsman, they will post your entire bail for 10% of the total cost; however, this money won’t come back to you. While you would get the total amount back if you posted bail on your own, the bondsman eases the financial burden which is beneficial for many people.

If you are able to post bail alone or with a bondsman but don’t want to, you’ll still have to stay in jail. It’s up to you if you decide the bond isn’t worth it, and you would rather wait in jail. Usually, though, the financial repercussions of missing work, possible evictions, or other unpaid bills are greater than the cost of bail.

Can the Court Hold Me Without Bond?

In short – yes, there are circumstances in which you are not eligible for any sort of bond payment and cannot be released. Generally, your criminal record along with the details of the charges can give the court reason to deny bond.

More specifically, the Texas Codes of Criminal Procedure calls for bond to be withheld in these cases:

  • You are deemed a threat to another individual or the community at large

  • You violate the terms of the bond in cases of domestic violence

  • You trespassed with intent to harm someone else

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure continues to say that bond must be set at or reduced by no more than:

  • 5 days with misdemeanor and no potential jail time penalty

  • 15 days with misdemeanor and potential jail time of fewer than 180 days

  • 30 days with misdemeanor and a penalty of more than 180 days

  • 90 days with felony accusation

Do I Have Other Options?

As is the case with the bond itself, individuals may be given other options that heavily depend on circumstances that involve the charges and your background. There are cases in which the defendant can have their bail reduced, pay no bail, or get additional help.

Despite the many factors listed above, there are other options that depend heavily on various circumstances regarding the case and your personal history. Some defendants have the opportunity to not pay any bail, have their bail reduced, or receive external help.

Some examples of this are:

  • Request a Bond Hearing – Sometimes people are issued a bond that is greater than the severity of the charges call for. If you and your legal counsel think the amount is unfair, they can seek a bond hearing. The court may review your case and lower the overall fee.

  • Personal Recognizance – Many defendants are not considered a threat to themselves, their loved ones, or their communities are therefore released without any payment. This is what’s known as “Personal Recognizance” – the court doesn’t see you as a danger or a flight risk so you are let go without a bond. The specific circumstances of the case and your background are heavily examined.

  • Help of a Loved One – Many people ask their family or friends for loans when they are in a financial pinch, and, many times, bail payments are no different. It may be easier to work out a payment arrangement with a loved one as well as a bail bondsman if you need emergency bail bonds.

The Top Hidalgo County Bail Bonds Service is Here to Help!

A-Quick Bail Bonds is aware that mistakes happen and with those come questions such as what happens if you do not post bail. Our highly-skilled and experienced Hidalgo County Bail Bondsmen are here night and day to answer that and any other concerns you may have.

Don’t waste time and money in a jail cell! Contact A-Quick Bail Bonds, McAllen’s best bail bonds agency, for a FREE consultation!



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